Bob Bourne is a campus transit consultant who specializes in providing consulting services to small urban, rural and university transit operations. With more than 40 years of experience in the transit industry, he has extensive knowledge of transit management, operations, training, safety and marketing of bus services, and can help you respond to the frequent challenges transit operators face.


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  • "I want to thank you, Bob Bourne Transit Consulting, and SRF Consulting Group for providing TRANSPO with an extremely detailed and concise final report of our operations.¬† The Comprehensive Operations Analysis went very smooth and the group was a pleasure to work with."
    --Maurice Pearl, General Manager, South Bend Public Transportation Corporation
  • World Food Prize President commends Bourne: "It was so great to work with a "real pro" whose expertise carried us through an extraordinary week..."
    "Your dedication and leadership were key elements in keeping our events running on schedule and getting our distinguished guests to their destinations. I will just say that without your presence, there is no doubt in my mind that we would not have enjoyed the level of success we were able to achieve."
  • "The Marshalltown City Council was pleased with your work. They are also appreciative that your suggestions have resulted in efficiencies and better customer service! It was money very well spent. Also, it is nice to get calls from passengers saying they really like the new routes...We absolutely appreciate your work in Marshalltown."
    --Richard Stone, Transit Administrator, City of Marshalltown, IA
  • "Bob is easily to relate to! He is engaging, fun, and down to earth. He dedicates himself to your system as if he were helping to run it. His wisdom has been invaluable to our growth, and he is as happy as anyone when things work for us. Our city feels tremendously comfortable with Bob and our Aldermen take his word very seriously. As a result, we've instituted over 75% of his recommendations, and it has resulted in a 80% ridership growth on our city routes!"
    --Jude Kiah, Go West Transit Manager, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL
  • "I highly recommend the transit planning services offered by Bourne Transit Consulting. Bob Bourne provides a down-to-earth planningapproach with practical solutions that have benefited Cedar Rapids Transit, including the Cedar Rapids Fixed-Route Transit Analysis which recommended feasible route and schedule changes to improve our service levels."
    --Brad DeBrower, Transit Manager, Cedar Rapids Transit, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • "He has been a mentor to many now successful transit managers."
    --J.P. Golinvaux, Iowa Department of Transportation

Safety Culture Seminar

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